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The first step in healing is to understand antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.   We breakdown Cluster B personality disorders in a simple way and look at how these patterns of people show up in our lives, the impact they have to our mind, body and spirit.  We will also show you to maintain your boundaries with Cluster B personalities if you can’t completely go no contact.


Validation is the recognition and acceptance of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors.  If you have found yourself on this website, you have read this far you must have been through hell!  You are sick of it, you are done feeling like shit and you are ready to take your power back! Sister.  We are here for you. We get it!   You, your past and your future are very important to us and we can help you. 


It’s time to take back your power!  Sounds simple, right? Well before we jump into the fun part of coaching we will take a few steps back and retrace some old patterns and beliefs that may be attracting us into unhealthy relationships, influencing our poor choices and keeping us from living our purpose. Once we discover what has been keeping us in self-limiting beliefs we can then find our purpose and gain the power to be living the life that we are born to live.


16 Signs Someone Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

  1.   A magnified sense of self-importance 
  2.   Constantly seeking attention and commendation 
  3.   Lack of valuing the feelings or opinions of others 
  4.   Feelings of superiority 
  5.   Demanding perfection from others 
  6.   The opinion that others should comply with their expectations 
  7.   Extream sensitivity to criticism 
  8.   A strong sense of entitlement 
  9.   Putting others down to lift themselves up 
  10.   Exaggerating their accomplishments and talents 
  11.   A need for special attention 
  12.   Envy toward others, and the belief that others are envious of them 
  13.   Exploiting others for their personal gain 
  14.   Obsessive thoughts about power, success, intelligence, physical attractiveness, and romantic relationships
  15.   Excessive competitiveness 
  16.   A deep-rooted inferiority complex 

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