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Our Story...


We are Janice, Karin, and Jenny, and we are on a mission to raise awareness and shine a light on emotional abuse caused by narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths.  We are also mentors, and a resource to educate, validate and empower you as you go on your healing journey.

Our personal and professional backgrounds makes us the perfect trifecta to do this work.  We have capitalized on our years of experience working with people and our professional resources to provide educational programs to validate and empower men and women to emerge from the darkness of hidden abuse into living a life of purpose, and finding peace and joy again.

why are we doing this?  

Well - we dated the same man who displayed many of the characteristics of a narcissist, sociopath and psychopath!  We each went through the love bombing, devaluation and discard stages. We understand the pathological minds games, emotional control, and manipulation that toxic individuals inflict on their target.  We have been hoovered (even on the same day) and were faced with the temptation to fall for it. Trust us; We get it! The constant questioning of conflicting beliefs is enough to convince yourself that maybe you are crazy (which you are not!). Feeling unbalanced, numb and depleted is also not normal. You, my friend, deserve so much more and we did too!

This is why we created Narcissist Playbook, a safe place to heal,  process your experience, provide support and impart knowledge to empower you to release the harmful residual effects of this traumatic relationship experience. We understand firsthand, the confusion, shame and despair of (your experience?).   We also offer private coaching, workshops, support groups and retreats. Recovering from emotional abuse takes time and on-going support. Our approach to healing is part science and part spirituality, by combining different modalities tailored to you and your needs.  

  • Karin has her doctorate in education and is the creator of our curriculum and programs.  She is also certified in yoga and meditation and is passionate about connecting the mind, body, and spirit for calming the mind and moving your body for the benefits of healing.  

  • Jenny is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and understands and teaches the science behind narcissistic behavior and common responses as well as the impact on loved ones. Jenny enjoys staying current on a variety of healing modalities.    

  • Janice is an leadership and life coach, with extensive national based HR and is a master at setting realistic goals and creating successful accountability partnerships.  

Thank you, ex-narc, for selecting resilient and courageous women!

We are three smart, confident and fun women who got tricked too!  We have taken a stand and will not allow that past fraudulent relationship to define us, or keep us stuck believing we weren't good enough or that something was wrong with us.  We have taken our power back by educating ourselves on understanding narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy. By looking at our own core beliefs that attracted us and kept us in the toxic relationship, we healed past and present wounds and are now raising awareness on narcissistic abuse to help others heal. 


With love, light and healing

Janice, Karin & Jenny

"Yes, we got duped too!"